Anti-pollution Mask:what you must know

If you've been to major Asian cities before.  You have surely noticed the large number of two-wheeled drivers (even pedestrians) who wear masks to protect themselves from pollution.  Are these masks really effective?  How to protect yourself from fine particles?

 How does an anti pollution mask work?

Its mode of operation is very simple.  The masks are equipped with several filter layers and air extraction valves.  The filter layers help stop particles, while the extraction valves allow fluid breathing and moisture evacuation.

The number of filter layers varies depending on the brand and model.  Some have a chemical action (activated carbon layers), others have mechanical, electrostatic or even anti-odor actions. For more information on anti-pollution masks and why they can protect you against covid-19, visit the site

The extraction valves present on the masks allow the air to be expelled out of the mask, so as not to feel any discomfort when breathing.  The more fluid you can breathe, the more effective the mask.

 The advantages of the anti-pollution mask

The effectiveness of an anti-pollution mask depends on its design and the performance of the filter with which it is fitted.  As well as other parameters, such as its adaptation to the morphology of the user.

Most of the anti-pollution masks on the market are designed to protect airborne particles.  They therefore do not protect against substances present in the gaseous state.

Masks are also useful in protecting you from bacteria and volatile allergenic components such as pollen.  But also allergens from animals and bad smells.

How to choose an anti pollution mask?

To answer it, I have put together the criteria that I think are the most important when deciding to buy an anti-pollution mask:

-Filtration type: You can select the filter model that best suits your activity.  There are activated carbon filters or electric filter with fan.

-Filter life: the filter life will depend on the frequency of use, and may vary depending on the model (between 5 and 15 weeks)

- Effectiveness: against bacteria, microorganisms, micro particles, allergens, viruses, chemicals and bad odors.

- The dimensions and compatibility of the mask (with a helmet, glasses, a cap).