How to choose a bicycle seat?

Many people like to ride their bikes, especially when they are still young. Speaking of the components of a bicycle, the saddle is an important element. The question is how to choose the right saddle. This article gives you some tips on how to do this.

Take your body type into account

In order to make the best choice for your bike saddle, you need to look at several criteria, as there are in fact a variety of saddles. This article is about astcues bike saddle for hemorrhoids. When choosing your saddle, you must take into account its morphology. The dimensions of your saddle must be in line with your pelvis so that you can enjoy a fairly optimal comfort. 

Pay attention to the shape of the saddle

When choosing a bicycle saddle, you should also consider the shape of the saddle. This is because the shape will determine the position you should adopt on the bike. There are several shapes. For example, there are saddles with a certain width and a hollow shape. This shape is suitable for recreational cyclists in that during leisure time you simply have to be up on the bike to enjoy the ride. Similarly, there are flat and thin saddles for sports. In this case, the saddle does not rub your thighs too much and your changes of position are facilitated. 

Consider the material of the shell

Saddles come in a variety of materials. We have saddles made of magnesium, plastic, nylon... Your choice should be made according to the comfort you need. The nylon shell, for example, allows you to enjoy comfort over long distances. The rigid and flat one will be adapted to the sports practices insofar as it supports the transmission of your efforts in the pedalling. The choice of the shell is made according to your needs.