How to create a chatbot?

In 2016, the first chatbot appeared, allowing companies to easily communicate with customers and prospects who visit their page. These are software programs installed on digital channels. They are easy to set up, but their installation requires some technical knowledge. Here's a bit about how to create a chatbot.

What is a chatbot and why create one?

Chatbots are software installed to communicate with internet users on certain messaging applications. Coming from the theme bot which means robot, it is an artificial intelligence still called conversational robot. Find the description of the process to create a chatbot here. Its purpose is to communicate with users and provide automatic answers to their various questions. Today, chatbots have become indispensable tools in conversational marketing. They are assistance robots that allow companies to communicate and automatically answer questions from their customers and prospects. In reality, digital channels gather a large population (Facebook 2.7 billion users). It is therefore not easy to satisfy the concerns of all visitors. However, chatbots are automated and assist all users.

How to create your chatbot

To create a chatbot, it is necessary to identify the channel on which it will be used. In reality, all communication channels accept the installation of a chatbot, including websites. However, the platform for creating the chatbot depends on the type of channel it will be used on. The most commonly used platforms are : Botsify ; Chatfuel; Hubspot. These platforms include bots that are already programmed and are just waiting to be configured. They also offer paying packages that do custom development. However, on digital channels such as Facebook and Whatsapp, they offer tailor-made solutions. These are pre-defined chatbots that work in correlation with the Facebook page and on Whatsapp business accounts. However, prior programming is required to land these software on the communication channel.