Some reasons to fill in your online localisation form before entering Italy

The covid-19 pandemic has led to reforms in all sectors of the world. For example, the health sector has implemented some innovations to manage this crisis. In Italy, all travellers are required to fill in an online location form. There are many reasons for this. Read this article to find out some of the reasons why you should fill in the online tracking form before entering Italy.

Getting boarding clearance very quickly

Travelling to a foreign country requires a valid visa. In Italy, you also need a boarding pass. To do this, you need to fill in the PLF Italy online, which is a location form. This is a digital system set up by the regularisation authorities to keep track of all passengers crossing Italy's borders.

Moreover, when you fill in this form, you can easily obtain your boarding authorization. This is a very important document that is taken into account by the authorities. The location form gives your various health information. So they can locate you in case of a very serious health situation.

Moving freely on Italian territory 

When you enter Italy, you must be free to move around. With the health crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic, the identity document is no longer only the document for identity verification. In Italy, the tracking form is a document that allows you to move around the country. 

To do so, you must fill in your form online in order to have the document on your phone or on paper after printing. You can present it at the time of boarding for your various transports. Filling in your localisation form saves you from the various administrative errands you will have to do once you are in Italy. It also saves you time.

Finally, it is very important to note that the Whereabouts Form is a key document for entering Italy. Therefore, it is imperative that you complete the procedure online in order to obtain validation before travelling.