Top 3 best ciders

Cider is a drink that is naturally fermented from apple juice without the addition of sugar or enzymes. After fermentation, pasteurisation and filtration, it is ideal for winemakers looking for more or less sweet, sour and bitter flavours. In this article you will find the top 3 most popular ciders.

Frosted Ice Cider

Are you a big fan of cider? Try this 37.5 cl frosted ice cider which is very smooth, very fresh and very delicious. You will love it!

This type of drink is very balanced. When you pour it into your mouth, you will feel its pleasantly smooth taste. More importantly, it tastes very smooth. Visit to find out more about ciders.

The quality of the apples prepared is excellent. More than 50 of them have to be pressed to make a bottle of ice cider.

In winter, the fruit and grape juice are exposed to the cold, so they freeze. Then in January, ferment the concentrated juice extract, both for aroma and flavour. This is mainly from fruit, which is what makes the cider so sweet.

Le Poiré Cider

Refresh yourself with this apple juice. It is known for its unusual taste. After a hard day's work, long hours of exercise or a family outing, there is nothing better than a sip of this drink.

Its alcohol content is only 4.1%. It has an extra flavour. Pure juice, 100% natural. This delicious Le Poiré juice contains no additives, gluten, colouring or chemicals.

Low in sugar and slightly acidic, it will surprise you with its sweet fruity aroma. Please note that this cider is a low calorie alcoholic drink.

Rosé Cider

For those looking for a new cider to buy, you will surely be happy to add this drink to your cellar. When it hits your taste buds, it has an exotic fruity aroma, which will cool you down in less than two days in hot weather.

What's more, this rosé cider immediately caught the attention of wine lovers and whetted their appetites with its heady floral aroma and continuous bubbles. Moreover, it can even be served as an aperitif or with desserts. Moreover, in terms of its general structure, this drink has an alcohol content of 4% and a volume of 75 cl.