What are the advantages of using PipeDrive ?

Pipedrive is a tool that offers an ideal space to manage customer relations in a simple and efficient way. One of the most important and difficult processes in any business is selling. Would you like to make all your operations easier, with less intervention ? Then PipeDrive is for you. Find out more about its benefits.

What is PipeDrive ?

PipeDrive is a useful CRM software, which allows you to effectively track the work and results of a company's sales teams. It is, in fact, a tool that makes sales management more intuitive and easier. It actually controls the sales pipeline in all its phases. PipeDrive is a cloud-based system that allows access at any time and on any device to the work and sales results of the entire team. Find out the difference between Pipedrive vs Trello here.

What are the main advantages of PipeDrive ?

Among the advantage that PipeDrive offers, we have :

Controlling your sales

For most users, PipeDrive is a CRM. They consider it the most reliable and easy to use. Because it is a software that helps any business owner to focus on sales and tasks, which generate more revenue to the company. When the software is used, between the third and the twelfth month, the number of open deals increases by 93% and the time between the creation of a deal and its conclusion decreases by 46%. PipeDrive has a powerful set of tools and add-ons that can help generate and manage high quality leads. It allows integration with dozens of outstanding tools, which help streamline your business and migrate all your data from a CRM.

Prioritize your leads and contacts

PipeDrive allows you to create signature emails, which allow you to make yourself recognizable and where you have the ability to add links, images and other elements that can be used as design. With PipeDrive, you can move contacts from one pipeline to another in one step.