What are the different types of hearing aids?

There are three main families of hearing aids, each with its own characteristics. These families of hearing aids offer you devices adapted to your problems and your budget. Find out more about them here.

Back of the ear hearing aids: classic hearing aids

This family of hearing aids to be found on audilo.co.uk is designed to help patients with severe hearing problems. It is therefore suitable for people who have lost almost all of their hearing. These hearing aids consist of an external housing in which the electronic chip of the device is located. The power of the hearing aid is proportional to its housing. The device is also equipped with an earmold whose role is to conduct the sound. It is made to measure and is adapted to the patient's ear canal. Although the devices in this family are bulky and not very discreet, they are very powerful, durable and have a long battery life.

In-the-ear hearing aids: custom-made prostheses

In-the-ear hearing aids as the name suggests are designed to be inserted into the ear canal. They have no visible support on the ear canal and are suitable for patients with moderate to mild hearing loss. The discretion of this type of hearing aid is its greatest asset. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they offer natural sound reception. However, they are not suitable for all types of hearing problems and have very little range.

Micro BTE hearing aids: prostheses suitable for everyone

The family of micro BTE hearing aids is suitable for all types of hearing loss (severe, moderate or mild). They consist of a case that is placed behind the ear and which also contains the electronic chip. These aids are lighter to wear than BTE aids and have a longer battery life. On the other hand, the position of the case may make it difficult to wear glasses.