What are the types of verification of the validity of email addresses ?

Before any campaign, it is urgent to proceed to the verification of the collected email addresses in order to ensure their validity. It allows to send messages to valid addresses. Moreover, its advantage concerns deliverability issues. By what method can we check the validity of an email address? Through this review, the strategies of checking email addresses will be presented to you, so go through it.

The email validity check by a provider

For a good campaign, it is important to be convinced of the real and proven validity of the collected email addresses. This verification carried out through an email verification service also consists in ensuring that a file does not contain any honey pot or spamtrap addresses. Indeed, to be convinced of the validity of the email addresses, it is advisable to entrust the address file to a service provider through an upload on its servers. The latter's job is to test and analyze each of these addresses and then provide a report file. In addition, he will report to you by category the e-mail addresses with problems. The use of a verification service is necessary when a new file containing an uncertain quality of email addresses is set up. 

Checking e-mail addresses

Email addresses are channels through which many companies or brands run campaigns. However, in order to increase their consumer community, some companies run campaigns with a high quantity of invalid addresses. However, honeypot addresses seriously affect deliverability and can even cause account blocking on the distribution platforms. For this reason, it is essential to check the quality of the email addresses on your mailing list before launching a campaign. This verification consists in checking the syntax following an online or a posteriori address collection. Thus, you will easily detect anomalies. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee the authenticity of an email address.