What can we know about the Laurel and Hardy films ?

Comedy is an art form that entertains and enlivens a target audience. Laurel and Hardy practised this discipline for about a quarter of a century. They played in about a hundred films. This duo has reached a very high level in the circle of cinema. In this article you can read about this duo.

How did they meet?

Oliver Hardy started his film career in 1914, a few years before Stan Laurel. They evolved together, in the same cinematic framework. Indeed, in 1918, Laurel made two films. These two films were made by the L-KO company before being associated with the vitagraph company of America. Oliver Hardy joined L-KO later, after Stan left. For more details, visit the blog. Laurel and Hardy met during a feature film test while developing a comedy package in which Stan Laurel was a lead actor. Then Oliver Hardy just assisted him, but he had already made several films at his level. Thus, he received a distinction, as a good film actor, despite his knockout looks. In 1925 Oliver Hardy started working in a local studio where Stan Laurel had been working for several years. From there, Hardy made three shoots and two films under his supervision. The public loved the dramatic works of this duo. We can also talk about the previous films of this duo where they individually expressed in their own way what they wanted to become. This duo has been very successful since the first films.

How was the duo formed?

Lucky is not the first comedy that the two actors have made together. But Scandal in Hollywood is the second film, in which the two did nothing together as a duo. It was in the film House to Rent that the two acted together. And this is the first one known as Laurel and Hardy. In the films that followed, Stan played the lead role and Laurel was the second.