What is the role of a corporate secretary in Singapore?

The establishment of a private as well as a public company in Singapore is subject to well determined and unavoidable processes. One of the key and unavoidable elements in the process of setting up a company in Singapore is the position of company secretary. What is the role of a company secretary in Singapore? Why does the Singaporean government give it such a crucial importance? The answers to these various questions will be the subject of production of this article.

Making sure the company is in compliance with the laws

The position of corporate secretary is an integral part of the company in Singapore. It represents one of the most important positions of the company provided by a qualified person and resident in Singapore. The Singaporean government attaches particular importance to this position so that it is not permitted for a private or public company to leave the position of company secretary vacant for more than six months. This importance given to such a position is explained in particular by the sensitivity of the charge assigned to it : it is the corporate secretarial services Singapore. In fact, the corporate secretary in Singapore has the obligation to ensure that the company in which he or she works is in compliance with the various documents required by the Singaporean government. In other words, the corporate secretary is the intermediary between the Singaporean government and the company in question.

Ensure that the company's compliance documents are regularly updated

The other element that may explain the importance of the corporate secretary in Singapore is his or her responsibility to ensure that documents such as records, books, filings, reports and the like are regularly updated and available in real time. This undoubtedly allows the Singaporean government to continuously monitor the actions and various transactions within the various companies.