What should I know about a project?

Project management is important because it helps plan and execute company projects. Both large and small companies need project management to be efficient, transparent and cost-effective. What is a project and how to implement a project? This guide will be very helpful.

What is a project plan?

A project plan is an important document, a roadmap defining how the project manager will manage the project. It is based on a specification that serves to standardize the needs and requirements of the client. For more information, click here. The project plan describes the objectives to be achieved, the different phases of the project and the stakeholders. It describes the budget, schedule and tasks to be accomplished as well as the role of each person involved. A project plan is necessary to ensure that each task is completed as planned and that all stakeholders are well informed. It is actually a combination of several plans:

- A risk management plan,

- A communication plan,

- A resource management plan.

The project plan allows the project manager to anticipate and prepare for potential difficulties and to determine what needs to be done to implement the project.

Project implementation

In most cases, this is the phase where your project takes shape in the outside world. It begins with a team meeting, where everyone is briefed on their tasks and all the details of the project. The goal of this phase is to create a quality result. As a project manager, your task is to allocate resources in an optimal way and to keep the team focused on the tasks at hand. This also means that the success of the execution phase depends on the accuracy of the project planning phase.