Covid-19: connected masks are entering the market

The Covid-19 pandemic requires everyone to respect the rules of social distancing as well as the barrier gestures. Wearing a mask is indeed compulsory everywhere in the world. Some designers have designed connected masks with a particular design. Let's go to the discovery of these masks.

Description of the mask

Called a "super mask" or "smart mask", it is designed with a trendy coating. The outline is made of silicone, which allows the mask to adapt very easily to any shape of the face. Made by Honeywell with a futuristic design, this mask features two fans at three speed levels. The main role of these ventilators is to facilitate the breathing of users. In addition, there are HEPA filters that are integrated to ensure that you breathe the purest air possible. The icing on the cake, this unusual mask made up of two headphones connected to a fifth generation Bluetooth. Finally, small microphones are integrated into it so that users can be heard when they speak. In addition, the manufacturers have thought of everything. Indeed, this mask of the future is equipped with a lamp that lights up in the dark. All this arsenal allows you to use this mask to make phone calls or to listen to music anywhere.

Selling price of the mask

Available on the US market since April 8, there are two different variants currently. There are gray, white and orange tricolor masks as well as black and orange color masks. The mask retails for US $ 299 with a pouch containing a cable for charging, HEPA filter that can hold for at least three months.

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