Title 1: Focus on cannabis hyperemesis syndrome

Cannabis is one of the most widely consumed narcotics in the world. Over the past three years, a new syndrome linked to his consumption has made a lot of talk. Still little known in the medical world, it causes nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Read this article to learn more.

The different symptoms linked to cannabis hyperemesis syndrome

This syndrome, also known as cannabinoid syndrome, develops in three stages. During the first stage of the progression of this disease, the patient shows signs of nausea very early in the morning. This can take several months. The second stage in the development of this syndrome becomes much more severe. At this stage the nausea is more and more intense, the patient begins by vomiting. All of this is accompanied by excruciating abdominal pain. These symptoms last for about seven days. This step is immediately followed by the third phase which consists of a momentary disappearance of pain two days later. Then the pains resume.

The hot bath: the miracle solution to treat symptoms

The most effective way to reduce severe pain is to take a hot shower. This seems really astonishing. However, several theories attempt to explain the relieving role of the hot bath. Thus, one of the hypotheses maintains that hot water would inhibit the secretion of cannabinoid receptors that negatively influence body temperature. Hot water therefore regulates body temperature. In addition, cannabinoid receptors cause dilation of the small intestine, responsible for abdominal pain. Some researchers believe that the hot bath helps dilate the skin vessels. This would prevent the small intestine from dilating, thus relieving stomach aches and nausea. However, these are all just assumptions, the best way to fight cannabinoid syndrome is to stop using cannabis.