Title 1: Worrisome situation in Burma: 700 civilians already killed two months after the military coup

The military putsch of February 1, 2021 is one of the hottest topics in international news. This controversial coup, widely contested by the people and the international community, has already to its credit the deaths of more than 700 Burmese who demonstrated for the release of their President.

Failure of diplomatic mediations 70 days after the putsch

The growing military repression is not, however, preventing the population from demonstrating for the restoration of constitutional order. On the contrary, the protester's world is only increasing. More than 700 civilians have already lost their lives, according to UN observers. However, the military, through their spokesperson, for their part declared less than 250 dead. The European Union, deploring the situation, accuses China and Russia of preventing any diplomatic reaction. Indeed, according to Joseph Borrell, the head of European diplomacy, geopolitical differences greatly slow down the process leading to the resolution of this bloody situation.

Burmese youth take responsibility and face the military with bravery

Burmese youth, full of life and courage, have become the lungs of resistance. Faced with the failure of international diplomacy, she decides not to give up. Their only means of struggle are social media and their fertile creativity. A few days ago a 19-year-old young woman stood out in the demonstrations by her legendary courage. She faced a group of servicemen in a T-shirt that bore the message "Everything will be fine" and chanted "We are not going to run away." Dead under the bullets of the security forces, she is now the icon of popular resistance.